About Us

A small business adds new touch to Geneva shopping from Malathi Nayak on Vimeo.

Each step in my life has brought me here to 212 S. Third Street in Geneva, Illinois. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a spiritual connection with nature and an absolute love of the outdoors. As I grew older, I had a deep fascination for sustainable living and what I could do to give back to nature. I became an admitted tree-hugger to say the least.

After college, I spent twenty years advancing in the construction management industry with the hopes of one day starting my own business. My life hit a turning point, after the birth of my son and the recession. I had a new calling and I was at the perfect time in my life to answer it.

I was called back to nature and I left the construction management industry to pursue the dreams I’ve always had. I was able to work at a health food store, start a small garden, and start cooking in line with the seasons again. With the exposure to the health benefits of organic foods and a tireless, growing boy to feed, I, like many other parents of this generation, became very aware of the toxins exposed to our children daily. I began delving into natural ways of living to keep my son and myself healthy so I could keep up with him as a mother.

I started changing my consumer habits and exploring holistic methods of simple living & living simply is what I did. I incorporated many eco-friendly products into my lifestyle including re-useable water bottles, bamboo take along silverware, reusable lunch carriers and composting food scraps at home. I knew I could bring my expanding knowledge of all things sustainable and good for the earth right here to my own suburban Chicago community and that a sustainable way of life didn’t require sacrificing style.

In establishing Peaceful Parlour back in the spring of 2010, I was able to merge all my passions & obtain my absolute dream while supporting my vivacious & lively son. When you come into the store, I want you to feel welcomed and at home in our peaceful and positive atmosphere. I want you to visualize easily incorporating these USA made, fair trade, eco-friendly products in your home. As a consumer you have the power to buy locally and support artists, organic farms, and other environmentally conscious initiatives & you are doing all of this when you choose to shop with us.

Here, you can find accessories and handmade jewelry from all over the world and wear your support of USA made, fair trade and sustainability chicly. We have an entire playroom filled with eco-friendly toys, approved as safe and durable by my own son, Alekzander, including all natural paints and an array of Green Toys. At Peaceful Parlour, we truly care and value you what you put on, in, and around your body and the bodies of your loved ones! All products here have simple, natural ingredients and an assortment of healing properties. Aside from our diverse products, I also host a number of events featuring experts in spiritual healing, healthy & sustainable living, breath work and meditation. These include psychic readings, animal communication sessions, card readings, tea tastings, Artisan Jewelry shows and even live outdoor music right here in the store.

We’re here to be one of your steps to contributing to a more sustainable future in style & we hope that each step in your life leads you here to our front door where we will always welcome you with a hand blended cup of tea and a warm smile.

Shari Ralish