Event: Shamanic Clearing Sessions with Celeste Coetzer


Do you feel drained, unsatisfied, or stuck in a repeating pattern of life?
Are you drawn to or attracting the wrong people in relationships; either friendships, business, or romantic?
Would you like to work towards creating healthy boundaries and enjoy a smoother flow to your life?

Clearing, Releasing, and Protecting Sessions with Celeste aid you in clearing your energetic and physical body; releasing any attachments, cords, or other stagnant energies, that may be holding you back from thriving and pursuing your true passions. She uses a variety of tools including Reiki, tobacco, sage, incense, crystals, and song. Next, Celeste guides you how to focus your vision on what you desire, bring it into your life and create healthy boundaries. The session is performed within a safe and protected space, and there should be time to discuss any questions you may have about the process and how to bring it into your daily life.

Please bring any significant/important personal tools you use at home, such as crystals, statues, figurines, bells, chimes, jewelry that will serve as a daily reminder for your intentions for clearing. You will feel lighter and inspired to reach further into your truth.

Celeste is a Reiki master and has been studying shamanic ceremonial practices for 6 years, and has been working privately with clients for 4 years. Sessions are $45 and last 30 minutes. Our next session is on Saturday, May 20th from 11am to 3pm.