Event: Communicating with the Divine ~ Learn to Develop and Deepen Your Intuition


Peaceful Parlour is collaborating with Kathleen Reedy, a guided intuitive healer and teacher who has a great affinity for assisting clients to identify, and release old stored stagnant issues of concern, allowing transformation to flow easily and gracefully in your life.

We have scheduled a four week class, “Communicating With The Divine” that helps you understand your way of knowing,  experience your own inner guidance and how to pay attention to that guidance.  Various tools to awaken and assist your knowing are discussed.   Kathleen provides experiential workshops and guided meditations to imprint the class message, and shares her own personal experiences from which you can draw.

The classes are progressive, and each class builds on previous class information; however, you are free to choose classes independently as desired. Classes are held every other Wednesday from 6:30 – 8:30 beginning on September 13 and finishing on October 25th.  Each class is $40 which can be purchased on line here or in person at the shop.  Please call 630-232-6300 with any questions or to RSVP for a class.  Customers who participate in all 4 classes, receive a $15 gift certificate to Peaceful Parlour.

Wednesday, September 13
CLASS ONE – Receiving information; a number of hands-on tools are explored to help you identify your personal way of “knowing” and receiving information with the Divine.  In other words, what is your intuition and how do you identify when your intuition is working

  • Explores how you send and receive information from within and beyond your third dimensional self.
  • Ways of receiving personal insights will be discussed.
  • Tools used include dream interpretation, animals, numbers, labyrinth, and angel cards.

Wednesday, September 27
CLASS TWO – Chakras; discusses how to balance the chakras and what the chakras mean to you; how they aid or hinder your Divine communication.  Learn where your physical aches and pains are and how they translate to energy blockages.  After the class you will know what it feels like to have a balanced physical and mental body.

  • Experience tuning forks for balancing the chakras.
  • Explore the sacred wisdom contained in the chakras.
  • Relax with a guided chakra meditation.

Wednesday, October 11
CLASS THREE – Dowsing: explores what dowsing is, and how to get yourself out of the way for accurate results.  Learn how and when to ask for guidance and learn to be an open channel receiving information that aides in your daily activities.  The ability to judge well, discernment, to gain confidence is an important part of following your intuition.

  • Time is given to dowse and check chakra alignment.
  • Unwind with a chakra balancing.

Wednesday, October 25
CLASS FOUR – Prayer; discusses how much broader and fuller your prayer can be when praying from the heart.  Prayer is also known as intention or focus. Learn how starting your day with prayer or an intention can create space in your already very full day so you have time to that which you desire.

  • Explore the various forms of prayer including rote, spontaneous, and intercessory.
  • Discussion on what is prayer.
  • Experience guided meditation balancing chakras and communing with the Divine.