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Abeego Custom Flats - 3 Medium


Customize your Abeego collection to suit your particular kitchen needs.  Choose from:  2 large green 13" flats, 3 medium  blue 10" flats or 6 small purple 7" flats.  This item contains 3 medium, blue 10" flats. 


Abeego Flats are made in Canada from hemp, cotton, beeswax, tree resin & Jojoba Oil.  In essence its a hemp+cotton fabric that is coated with beeswax for a self sticking re-usable, plastic-free, food storage sheet. 

Simply hand wash in cold water with eco-friendly dish soap and air dry. Caring for your Abeego as recommended will ensure that it lasts over a year. When it has finally run its course they can be composted or cut and made for other uses.

Abeego wraps will easily become your 'go to' item in the kitchen for every day food storage.

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