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Align Your Three Soul - Higher Self, Ego and Body


Wake up to Spiritual Awareness with Larry Zippe on Saturday, June 17th from 10am to 12pm. Larry will share his soul wisdom, life lessons and the ultimate goal in life that he has discovered through his life long spiritual journey. True knowledge comes from direct experience and we know you wil be inspired and in awe learning from this compassionate, male elder.

Larry's presentation is scheduled for 1-1/2 hours and will be followed by a 30 minute question and answer session. He will clearly define our three Soul levels and the role each one plays in our life. You will clearly understand the difference between Spirit and Soul and their application in your Life. Lastly, he will share how you align your three Souls (Higher Self, Ego conscious self, and the Body self) for Oneness Living.

Background and Highlights:
Larry grew up on a farm and was very close to animals. At age 18 he had an intuition to see the truth in life; a path he continues to follow today. He served his country in Vietnam. After returning home, he opened and co-owned a metaphysical and health food store. During this time, he participated in an Edgar Cayce search for God study group. Later he became a nationally certified science teacher serving public schools.

He taught agriculture, science, history and literature for 30 years. In addition to his teaching career, he studied spiritual awareness with the guidance of a spiritual mentor, Gwen Osborn, for 25 years. Since retiring from teaching 2008, Larry has trained as a life coach and spiritual mentor. Currently he strives to relate bible scripture in a practical way and participates in a Buddhist study group. Larry has a great love for nature and understanding of people on their life journeys.

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