Event: Chakra Alignment and Mental Body Balancing


Chakra Alignment and Mental Body Balancing with Kathleen Reedy on August 30th from 11am until 4pm.

Kathleen Reedy is a guided intuitive healer/teacher who has a great affinity for assisting clients to identify, and release old stored stagnant issues of concern, allowing transformative changes in your life.

During this 30 minute session, Kathleen uses 11 tuning forks to align and balance the chakras, followed by 10 tuning forks to balance out the mental body. While using the tuning forks, Kathleen’s sensitivity to energy allows her to identify areas of concern, and what to do about them.

She often times taps into You may receive messages from your guides and angels how to move forward on a particular situation.  30 minute sessions are $60 and one sessions are $110.

Many feel quite relaxed and calmer after the chakra tuning and mental body balancing. Usually, deeper insight to an issue or concern is revealed. A sense of purpose and direction may be given, as well as what I like to call homework; information that allows you to help yourself. Since the mental body is in balance, if there is an emotional body issue that is interconnected, the way has been paved for the emotional aspect to come to the forefront.

The goal of her sessions is to self-empower you, the client. There are often teachable moments, correcting errant thoughts or perceptions, paving the way for you to move through and process your own healing. Release of negative energy that no longer serves you becomes the focus. This aids clients to gain clarity, understanding, and resolution to issues or concerns in your life.


Her classes provide examples to help you understand your way of knowing, and experiencing your own inner guidance, while teaching how to pay attention to that guidance. Various tools to awaken and assist your knowing are discussed. She provides experiential workshops and guided meditations to imprint the class message, and shares her own personal experiences from which you can draw.